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The Secret Keys to a healthy relationship

The Secret Keys to a healthy relationship


The Secret Keys to a healthy relationship
The Secret Keys to a healthy relationship

At the beginning of a loving relationship, everything seems unbeatable, each defect goes unnoticed by our inexhaustible and euphoric passion, in a nutshell, and everything is perfect. However, like everything, this does not last forever. Over time defects begin to generate failures, which can be translated into constant errors, and that is when a relationship begins to become toxic and unstable.
In this article, you will know some keys to avoid this transformation, and you can have a healthy relationship with your partner, full of balance, joy, confidence and why not? A touch of madness.


Transparency is everything, if you build with false columns, sooner or later, these will fall. Being sincere from the beginning and through the relationship is the fundamental pillar, as this will promote confidence greatly and there will not be any problem that you cannot deal with that special person. It is also important not to hide things that concern both people, since, to hide a thing, is a lie without words.
I assure you that as long as sincerity lasts, there will be no dark corners of distrust.


You are an independent person, just like your partner, never forget it. Lovers often make the basic mistake of adhering to their partner for everything, and this usually causes suffering, habit, and codependency. We must know how to differentiate between being together and being scrambled, each one has a life apart and we must respect it with its deepest intimacies.

Things like: checking your phone to look for some infidelity, asking for your password on any social network, Preventing him or her from going to a certain place because of mistrust, preventing him or her from taking certain personal decisions by our whim, are symptoms of an unhealthy relationship, always avoid these things, You just need a lot of sincerity, which in turn, becomes trust.

Confidence :

Trust is the primary derivative of sincerity, and it is most important for a healthy relationship. Because that will give you peace of mind and you will not have to carry headaches every time you are not with that person or when any misunderstanding happens. In addition to being sincere, we must also fulfill, in order to gain a full confidence.

Remember, you do not have to be an inmate in the relationship, you have your own life and you are free; but, you must always keep the respect to your boyfriend or girlfriend, and always give yourself intimate time as a couple.

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Variety :

The routine is dangerous; however, small customs are not bad, as long as they vary from time to time. Avoid a monotonous relationship and surprise your partner with some detail from time to time, do not wait for it to be a special date, wake up on a Sunday morning with a gift in your hands, know new places, live adventures, in short, you enjoy the life together.
A relationship is two, so do not wait until your partner is the only one to take the initiative and wanting to solve problems, you can do it also, do not forget this EVER.


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