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How Does Stress Affect The Body ?

How Does Stress Affect The Body ?

how does Stress affect our body
how does Stress affect our body

Our body is made completely of blood, and that is why our emotions have so many incidences in us, not only in our brain but are capable of producing different or different sensations that can react to our bodies, as much as feel bad, pain Of stomach, extreme tiredness, all this is produced by the stress, for that very reason, there are an infinity of activities that work in order to eradicate or reduce it.
That is why we will tell you here how stress affects your body. You can Also read More About The Positive ways of Dealing with stress

Physical and Conscious Problems

When we are under the constant subjection of stress many of the times we produce an incredible migraine or constant dizziness, which causes that our brain begins to have a behavior quite different from the habitual one, so much that could cause us a lot greater evil if we do not treat it to Time.

this is usually produces a disease globally identified as the Stockholm Syndrome or Burnout, for it, it is better to know what are the conditions that cause stress in our body.

1. Physical problems:

In this facet, we will feel assiduously tired, totally exposed to the world, this will produce us completely uncontrollable reactions, such as bad mood, migraine or thoughts that go from reality, Why all this? Because our blood begins to have a different movement, very different from usual, which makes our physical reactions become more noticeable.

2. General malaise:

This often results in the feeling of sadness, nostalgia, anger, annoyance, anger, or feeling exponentially wrong, this happens a lot when stress gets us covered and we can not reduce it in time, it is for this reason, That activities against stress are fundamentally necessary, for this we must always have space for us to help us to avoid it in one way or another.

3. Malfunction of our body:

Stress is not only located in our head, but also that is able to affect our muscles or organs, causing them to have completely different reactions than usual; One of them usually happens a lot in our kidneys, because here, it is where the body is in charge of filtering the nutrients we consume.

because when we are under constant stress, we are completely prone to generate more possibilities of contracting diseases, all due to the Bad reactions from our bodies, both to protect us and to act commonly.

4. Anxiety:

This is absolutely fundamental to the reactions of our body, despite being an emotional sensation, we end up producing a quite degenerative effect for us, firstly because the stress at this point already materializes and can be felt, and secondly, Their reactions are much more conspicuous in our body, and even there are those who, because of anxiety begin to attack themselves.

all because of the stress they have accumulated during long working days or really annoying situations.

5. Body degeneration:

This usually happens when we are already in the final step of stress, when we are totally trapped by this, so much, that makes our reactions are completely different to those we want, causing our body to start having problems To progress, both in the acquisition of new knowledge and for actions that we need to do in a given moment.



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